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The AW109 GrandNew is a lightweight twin-engine helicopter offering exceptional performance, speed, load capacity, excellent operational flexibility and unparalleled safety levels. Designed to operate in all climatic and environmental conditions, the helicopter can perform a wide range of missions to fully satisfy the needs of all operators.

Corporate / VIP
Passengers will experience the smoothest ride and the highest levels of comfort, thanks to GrandNew’s low noise, low vibration and spacious cabin. High safety standards are ensured by crashworthy seats, airframe and fuel tanks, and by excellent OEI flying capabilities.

Medical and Rescue Services
The GrandNew design combines a state-of-the-art avionics suite, excellent external visibility and a flexible cabin arrangement to ensure successful completion of any EMS mission. Top class performance and unrivalled situational awareness enables operations in the most severe conditions, including in high altitudes and in harsh weather.

Offshore / Passenger Transport
The GrandNew can be configured to meet the demanding safety standards required for offshore operations. Unique Cat. A Class 1 performance ensures safe operations even at high temperatures. High cruise speed and the capacity for up to 7 passengers in a new interior, offer the lowest in class fuel burn per pax/nm, contributing to outstanding operating economics.

Law Enforcement / Border Patrol
The GrandNew is the perfect solution for law enforcement missions, combining superior maneuverability with an extensive state-of-the-art mission equipment. The new avionics suite minimizes pilot workload and improves external visibility to enable complete mission focus.

Exceptional stability and OEI performance ensure safety, critical for challenging utility roles such as aerial filming, HPS (Harbour Pilot Shuttle) and offshore wind farm maintenance. With a large, easily accessible modular cabin, the GrandNew can be configured to meet these specialized missions.

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